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Fountainhead of Inspiration

Shri Ramswaroop Agarwal Ji (1925-1980)

“Our efforts in the shape of SRMU are a continuation of his endless dreams and social commitment...”

Shri Ramswaroop Agarwal, is the guiding inspiration behind the establishment of Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University. Education of both men and women alike, was very close to his heart.

He believed that development and growth of society and country could only be possible through value based education of its masses and adoption of the principles of transparency and ethical conduct. In his opinion sincerity, hard work, steadfastness and passion were the cornerstones for attaining success in life. These virtues were showcased in his thoughts and deeds. Purity of thoughts and means were as important to him as the objective ltself and success was meaningful only when it benefited society, at large.

His principles, noble thoughts and dedication to social responsibility are the bedrock of all our actions, endeavors and ventures. We pray to the Almighty to give us strength to follow his path and carry his legacy forward.