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Quality assurance activities depend on the existence of the necessary institutional mechanisms preferably sustained by a solid quality culture. Quality management, quality enhancement, quality control, and quality assessment are means through which quality assurance is ensured.

The establishment of an internal quality assurance system in a higher education institution is often regarded as the most critical element in creating a sustainable framework for maintaining quality whereas external quality assurance mainly respond to accountability issues. The need for internal quality enhancement demands the establishment of a continuous and sustainable quality improvement scheme at the institutional level and at the level of academic disciplines. On top of encouraging institutional changes, the creation of an institution-wide quality management system could be regarded as a precursor to what are nationally constructed as external quality assurance mechanisms like accreditation.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University , Barabanki was established as a precursor to accreditation quality sustenance measure for performance evaluation, assessment, accreditation and quality upgradation of the University . In this view the IQAC of our University aims at developing a system for conscious catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution.