Institute of Pharmacy

Institute of Pharmacy

Brief Overview :

The Institute of Pharmacy aims at creating most visible and one of the most accessible health care professionals in the world. The model of the institute promotes contemporary and research-based education in Basic and Applied Sciences. Its end objective is nurturing the young competent professionals who can serve the needs of the modern domains of research

Our undergraduate programs are pedagogically designed to provide valuable knowledge of health care and bio chemical science. Students are expected to perform a number of experiments with the aid of state-of-the-art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, extensive hands-on training and an operational research management system.

Aims :

  • Offering the students a good understanding of the basic principles of Pharmacy so that they learn preparation, dispensing and appropriate use of medication and provide services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.
  • Making students appreciate that pharmacy is a subject of central and practical importance, contributing to assisting the health care needs of masses
  • Encouraging students to develop intellectual independence, critical thinking skills and versatility.

Objectives :

  • Consolidate the student’s training in pharmaceutical science to have a caring, compassionate, and professional attitude to effectively connect with all health care professionals, patients, families and caregivers and evaluate their understanding.
  • Develop the practical skills of students to boost their observational skills and implement strategies to apply foundational sciences like pharmaceutical, social, administrative, and clinical to determine therapeutic problems