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Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Computer Science & Engineering is a Part-time three year, Postgraduate degree course in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. The course curriculum of M.Tech (CSE), Regular and Part-Time both, gives advanced knowledge of core subjects like Advanced Data Structure, Advanced Software Engineering, High Performance Computing and High Speed Networks. A large number of elective papers are offered every semester so that post graduate students may move ahead in their area of interest. The list of electives include, but is not limited to, Cloud Grid Computing, Machine Learning, Mobile Ad-hoc networks, TCP-IP design, Computer Vision, Optimization Techniques, Service Oriented Computing, Information Storage and Retrieval etc.

Eligibility Criteria

In addition to above mentioned basic M.Tech (Regular) eligibility, candidates must have at least 2 years of Teaching/Industrial/Research/Professional Work Experience for 3 years M.Tech (Part Time) programme.

Course Fee

Duration(in Year) 1 2 3
Tuition Fee Rs. 49,000/- Rs. 49,000/- Rs. 49,000/-
Examination Fee Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 5,500/-
Other Fees (Registration, Library etc.) Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/-
Development Fund Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 5,500/-
Caution Money Rs. 5,000/-
Total Fee Rs. 74,000/- Rs. 69,000/- Rs. 69,000/-
Hostel Fees (Fees + Caution Money) = Rs. 75,000/- + Rs. 5,000 /- = Rs. 80,000/-
Transportation Cost = Rs. 30,000/-