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Anubhuti 2018

Anubhuti 2018

New energies, new team and a completely different perspective brought together the formation of this year’s Anubhuti. The theme was Emblazon. There were some additional events in comparison to last year. Moreover, the exposure through Sponsorship of event brought in more active participation as students. The Flash Mob is the pre-event attraction at the University Campus. It usually takes place at the basketball or volleyball court where students are given an open stage to showcase their talent. The huge crowd around the basketball court and the enthusiasm of the students is a major boost to the fest essentially. The Star Night this year was the most stunning and enthusiastic in the history of this fest. The Star Performer was Shaan who captured the hearts of everyone just by his melodious voice. From the soothing romantic numbers to the crazy dance ones, he simply ruled not just the stage but also our hearts.