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University Student Senate


Universities is following student centric policy to cater the two most important issues, first is related to an independent student body which can raise academic and administrative issues related to student and find the amicable solutions with University Authorities.

Lyngdoh Committee Report recommends certain aspects in election of student body in Universities.SRMU has adapted an indirect method of election to form an independent University Student Senate.Senate members in association with University authorities shall act to improve the overall academic ambience, general discipline amongst students and campus life.

Formation of University Student Senate:
University Student Senate is formed through indirect election wherein Class Representatives (CRs) shall be directly elected for each UG and PG classes running in various faculties of an institute. These elected CRs further elect predefined number of Institute Representatives (IRs) from each Institute totalling to 40 elected IRs who in turn elect 4 Office Bearers i.e. Convener, Deputy Convener, Secretary and Treasurer. The 40 elected IRs along with 10 Nominated Members constitute University Students Senate of 50 members.

Meeting Frequency:
CRs and IRs meeting twice in a semester to collect agenda points and to disseminate decisions among all students while IRs meeting with University Authorities is once in a semester to discuss the agenda points and within a timeframe resolve the academic or administrative issues.