Upcoming Webinars
Keynote Speaker Topic Date

Prof. Vladmir Shelomovskii
Dept. of Math Information System
Statistical Studies of True VS False Data related to Covid-19 26th May

Dr. Yaqoot Fatima
Senior Research Fellow
Role of IT in Covid 19 29th May

Previously Conducted Webinars
Keynote Speaker Topic Date

Dr. Sachidanand Singh
Associate Professor & Dean
Role of Technology in Testing,
Treating and Tracking COVID-19
22nd April

Mr. Rahul Mishra
Cyber consultant, UP Police

Mr. Vishal Vikram Singh
ASP (STF) UP Police
Cyber Security vis-a-vis Digital Transactions 23rd April

Mr. Amit Pandey
The Human Charger
1. Expectations of Industry from freshers.
2. Basic Interview skills.
3. How to be job/industry ready.
4. Resume Building.
5. Future challenges after Covid19
impact globally and how to overcome
and prepare as a freshers.
25th April

Dr. Rinki Verma
Assistant Professor
Digital Marketing: Need of The Hour 25th April

Dr. Taskeen Zaidi
Associate Professor
Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things 28th April

Career Education
Webinar About Blockchain 29th April

Mr. Atish Bhattacharya
Deputy General Manager
Human Resources
1. Common mistakes Freshers do in their intervies.
2. Critical changes required to bridge Campus
to Corporate Transition for Students.
3. Expectations of Corporate.
4. Life in this VUCA world.
29th April

Dr. Namita Dixit
Associate Professor
Research Data Analysis using MS-Excel 1st May

Prof. (Dr.) Abhishek Saxena
Professor & Dean
Role of Conventional Engineering
in COVID-19 Pandemic
2nd May

Dr. Jyoti Dewan
Associate Professor
Entrepreneurship Post COVID-19 5th May

Dr. J. Jannet Vennila
Professor, Deptt. of Biotechnology

Dr. Geetanjali Srivastava
Assistant Professor
Disaster Management and Relief 9th May

faculty of Humanities
and Social Sciences
Emotional regulation in the age of COVID-19:
Indian & Western Perspective
10th & 11th May

Prof. Shruti Tambe
University of Pune
Covid-19 and Social Disorder 12th May

Prof. Biswajit Ghosh
University of Burdwan
Covid-19 and Social Disorder 12th May

Prof. Rajesh Misra
University of Lucknow
Covid-19 and Social Disorder 12th May

Dr. Alka Singh
Associate Professor
Impact on Economy Due to COVID-19 12th May

Dr. Madhu Singh
HOD, St. Xavier’s College of Education
Impact of Lockdown on Subjective Well-being: Problems and Solutions 15th May

Mr. Avinash Tiwari
Scientific position, ICAR- NBFGR L
Cytogenetic analysis of various fish cell lines 15th May

Mr. Shubham Gupta
Research Assistant , KGMU Lucknow
Coronavirus outbreak: Importance of telemedicine 15th May

Ms. Anjali Tripathi
Managing Editor,
Pulsus Health Tech LLP Gurugram
Importance of Research and Review Article for
Researcher and Scholars
15th May

Mr. Amit Singh
Cepta Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Web Development 16th May

Mr. Ankit Kumar Verma
Research Associate Phronesis, Noida
Brand reputation and marketing success of
healthcare service providers
16th May

Ms. Diksha Singh
Quality Assurance Cell, Propitious
Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd, Lucknow.
Career in healthcare sector 16th May

Ms.Jyoti Srivastava
GATE BT 2019, AIR 538
Alumni Discussion Forum for Competitive Exams 16th May

Ms. Sakshi Agrahari
GATE BT 2018, AIR 1249
Alumni Discussion Forum for Competitive Exams 16th May

Ms.Kopal Jain
GATE BT 2019, AIR 1432
Alumni Discussion Forum for Competitive Exams 16th May

Ms.Aashna Srivastava
GATE BT 2020, AIR 1579
Alumni Discussion Forum for Competitive Exams 16th May

Dr. Gitu Singh
Associate Professor
Compensation to Victim of Crime 16th May

Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Mehrotra
Head, Department of Biochemistry

Er. Himanshu Sharma (CE)
Asst. Prof. & Head
Role of Nano Technology in Civil Engineering 22nd May

Er. Amit Kumar Singh (ME)
Python, R Programming & ML
Senior Trainer and Developer
“PYTHON’’ 22nd May

Ms. Aanchal Raizaada
HP UDID State Coordinator
How to get Govt. Project(s) for your startup 23rd May

Dr Yaqoot Fatima
Senior Research Fellow ,
Centre for Rural & Remote Health,
Role of IT in Covid 19 29th May